All Saints SLUP Has Been Approved

Dunwoody’s City Council approved All Saints’ Special Land Use Permit (SLUP) request at their May 26 meeting.

In March, the City Council deferred the approval of the master plan pending the outcome of a hydrology study.  After reviewing the study, the city engineer presented his evaluation at the May 26 meeting and advised the city that the water management system was adequate for the property. When the Council asked to hear from a parish representative, Fr. Dan Rogaczewski discussed All Saints’ current and future needs, and how our parish would benefit from having the master plan approved.

Included in All Saints’ master plan are revised entrance and exits, water management system in four locations on the property, new church structure, Family Center, and as needed, a parking facility on the south side of the property and a relocated and revised Kiernan Administration Building to replace Kiernan Hall.

Having received City approval, All Saints can move forward with this master plan. Construction is planned to begin in April of 2016.