Facility Update - December 19, 2014

There have been several meetings held with parishioners and other interested groups, including our neighbors, and on December 8th, with the Dunwoody Homeowners Association. The presentations were well received, as well as questions from those in attendance. The yellow “Public Hearing” sign near the Church entrance and the one at the intersection of Jett Ferry Road are announcing the first of two hearings that the City of Dunwoody Council will be having.

The first hearing will take place on January 6, and the second on February 23, 2015. Since we submitted our initial plans to the City of Dunwoody, they asked us to look at moving our entrance to Jett Ferry Road, adding more parking, and other accommodations to help with our water runoff. At that time we decided to explore our options to maximize the use of our 11.24 acres of land to attain the maximum square footage for the future of All Saints and redevelop a Master Plan. Our Architects, assisted by the Archdiocese of Atlanta, will be making presentations at the meeting on January 6, to the city council. (As many know, the church property is officially owned by the Archdiocese and is in the name of the Archbishop.) Approval from the City of Dunwoody may come sometime in March 2015. The Master Plan at this point resides on drawings called Schematic Design documents, which basically provide square footage for the proposed buildings with general breakdown of space usage.

Video of the architect’s December 8, presentation was posted on YouTube by Councilman John Heneghan, which can be viewed by clicking here. There have been some alterations to the plans shown in the video, as there will continue to be throughout this process. One change includes adding a parking deck on the back side of the property with the ramification of relocating the building commonly known as the Scout Hut.