"So what's the plan? How will the new space be used and in what ways will my family benefit from investing in new buildings?"

The new Church and Family Center will provide better space for our ministries and will enhance the experience of community among all parishioners. Added space will allow All Saints to have:

  • Expanded young Married Adults ministries that foster individual growth to ensure a healthy marriage
  • Enhanced young Single Adult ministries providing faith formation and fun
  • New services and programs for our Seniors
  • Girls’ basketball league and other girls’ sporting activities
  • Seasonal boys' basketball league and year-round men's basketball league
  • XLT program geared to 30- to 50-year-olds featuring notable Catholic speakers
  • A dedicated environment, much like a college “Newman Center,” where youth and young adults can gather for fellowship and to experience their faith
  • Faith enrichment and Catholic education programs for young adults and up

Master Plan Phases

The Church and Family Center are the most critical aspect of our plans. In addition, moving the entrance and improving our water management system ensures we are good neighbors.